HermitCraft tag was started by Grian, and was small at first but has now started escalating to the point of going AFK whenever the tagged person is around.


Kudos to Reddit user Zzmores for compiling this spreadsheet.

Tag 1: Grian tags Docm77 Grian's Perspective: Hermitcraft 6: Episode 3 - CONDUITS & ANTICS Docm77's Perspective: ''Hermitcraft VI - Nature Health Organisation & Ninja Grian - Let's play Minecraft 1.13 - Episode 6 Grian made up the game and went to Mumbo Jumbo's base to tag him. Realising that he was AFK, he turned back as it would be no fun. Later, however, after helping Doc reach Mumbo's base (and waiting for a heckuva lotta time), he tagged Doc and ran away.

Tag 2: Docm77 tags Mumbo Jumbo:

Tag 3: Mumbo Jumbo tags Grian

Tag 4: Grian tags iskall85

Tag 5: iskall85 tags Cubfan135

Tag 6: Cubfan135 tags GoodTimesWithScar

Tag 7: GoodTimesWithScar tags ImpulseSV

Tag 8: ImpulseSV tags ZedaphPlays

Tag 9: ZedaphPlays tags Tango Tek

Tag 10 Tango Tek tags Cubfan135

Tag 11: Cubfan135 tags xisumavoid

Tag 12: xisumavoid tags Evil Xisuma

Tag 13: Evil Xisuma tags iJevin

Tag 14: iJevin tags iskall85

Tag 15: iskall85 tags Grian

Tag 16: Grian tags FalseSymmetry

Tag 17: FalseSymmetry tags BiffaPlaysMinecraft

Game EvolutionEdit

The latest and first game evolution has already happened, Mumbo deciding that the tag does not have to stay it your inventory. A new game rulebook is yet to be written but I'm sure it will happen soon. Fans are also predicting an evolution by Iskall, being that you can kill the tagee. 

Failed TagsEdit

The most hilarious one has been Grian wasting tons of fireworks attempting to tag CubFan and failing due to Cub teleporting away quickly before he got tagged.