Builder iskall85
Season Season VI
Location Iskall85's Underwater Base
Coordinates 37, -172
Status Frozen and Intact
Brrumbo is a Bumbo made in the side of an underwater ravine in Iskall85's base. Iskall created Brrumbo during his 200k live stream (between his 7th and 8th episode) where he used packed ice and bone blocks to portray that this Bumbo has been frozen solid from the last season. Appearing in many other hermits episodes, it seems to be one of the more popular  (especially after they hear Iskall pronounces his name).


  1. Iskall85: HermitCraft 6: 08 | Brrumbo & MEGA Flying Guardian FARM!
  2. Mumbo Jumbo: Hermitcraft 6: Episode 9 - END BUSTING IS BACK!
  3. Grian: Hermitcraft 6: Episode 6 - THE BASE BEGINS