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• 6/27/2016

Launch Dairy #1: STAFF WANTED

After this wiki was adapted by me, I started to do some housekeeping stuff. Deleting images,pages ect.  I also enabled some features like: Forum and Achievments. 

Im making a call for any reader if your being interested in a administrator role on this wiki, contact (talk page) And well see what are yiur abilities and that stuff. 


  • Head Moderator (Taken) Job: Incharge of everything. 
  • Admin: Same as Content Mod, but have more abilities.
  • Content Moderator Job: To take care of posts and blogs and update their assigned YouTuber, help in forum and thread moderations
  • Developer Job: Help the rest of the staff from the 'cody side' (Preferfably knows some html/java/any programming language. And wikitext 

 DarrenPaul (Head Admin)  talk    contribs   19:09, May 29, 2016 (UTC)

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• 10/12/2016

You need a coding editor for the Wiki here?

I've taken classes in Java, Web Creation, and some notible computer projects like Adobe Flash/Photoshop, Unreal Technology, Maya, and a bit of Mudbox.

I've only edited one post on Wiki ever, though it looks comparably similar to the setup as C++ and with what I know about HTML editing, it should be easy enough. And whatever I do not know I will learn the answer needed to solve the problem.

I was also ranked Helper for a Pixelmon server. This is a link to my resume http://theislandproductions.enjin.com/forum/m/29367879/viewthread/26000376-would-like-to-intern-for-you-please-take-look ...you can view that to see what I posted.

It would probably be more benifitial for me to actually be a member within Hermitcraft for this post to be accepted, maybe. One hope is if I do get an assignment here and I can prove myself acceptable here. To even be included to be allowed onto Hermitcraft server would be an honor.., no sense counting chickens without even receiving the egg yet. ...which is being assigned here.

So with that, I am asking for an opportunity to be able to help here. Even if I must tried and tested for quite a while, I am willing to do so. Coding is my dream, technology is my companion, and Minecraft is my aspiration. Please grant me an opportunity to further that dream. Allow me to take the next step as a coder/programmer.

• 10/12/2016

(@ above post) Opps, forgot contact information. XD

Anyways, I just setup a Fandom.wikia account, that way if I do get considered, I could be properly contacted.

Apparently someone claimed DarkjediKnight already, though that's fine... most profile names I try to aim for T.D.J.K. (TheDarkJediKnight) anyways because that is my true online account name, just the character size limit is useually 15 max, which my name goes over (sadly Minecraft has that limit as well, so I drop 'The' off the name)

So I will add more content to my profile when I'm done with college for the day, including since my intermission is nearing its end. :/

Anyways, I thank you for reading over these posts and also for tolerating my lack of contact info in just the previous post aside from the link...

• 10/15/2016

Actually, I'll be redacting that offer.

I have this ilk feeling of being overburden and lack of credit within the projected future...

Maybe I will offer myself available to help again at a later date.

• 3/29/2018
Hey I was wondering if I could have a spot in the staff (does not have to be a great spot). I love hermitcraft, and making wikis. I hate it when people trash it with random pages. I could help with adding info and deleting useless pages. Thanks, Levi.
• 8/9/2018
I'd like to be an admin. I love Hermitcraft, especially Mumbo and Grian, and you know I have to love it when I have a voice memo of the Mumbo Jumbo you are AFK song and listen to it on repeat. I think I would be a good candidate because I'm familiar with website design and am also a good wikia-esque/nonfiction writer.
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